About Us

Wildwood Acres Okanagan was created as part of a long time dream of creating balance in life. Working to advance the vision of other organizations as an executive, the decision to take the risk and give dedicated energy to advance our own vision was a scary step but when your passion starts to shout at you, you have to listen and then it seems less like bravery and more like destiny.

When we bought our beautiful property in the mountains of the majestic Okanagan Valley, BC, we knew we had found our own little piece of paradise and we proceeded to build this dream into a reality. Our property has abundant life and resources in soil, in plants and in peaceful yet powerful energy.

Our vision is to create wellness for everyone, wellness for us, our 4 acres, and our 4 puppies and all of the plants and animals yet to come. Combining our passions for creating, for wellness, food, entertaining and hosting, the plan for Wildwood Acres Okanagan is holistic and ever evolving. What we saw begin in 2020 was that people wanted choices for their health, and so did we. We wanted to incorporate traditional medicines with modern day solutions. Quite honestly, it all started with pine needle tea.

We knew we had this abundant life and were working out where to start when again, it was right there, not quite shouting but certainly gently guiding us to notice where our start line was supposed to be. A friend suggested we start harvesting our pine needles for tea as it was coming into cold and flu season and as we know, the rich characteristics of pine needle tea with its very high Vitamin C content was something people needed in the pandemic world that we are all living in. So we buckled in, took a deep breath and got started! From the creating of the brand, the development of an initial product line of 9 beautiful items, to packaging and distribution, the education began in the retail and distribution world as well as learning the holistic wellness needs of people looking for a way to boost their general health and improve their mental health.

Our unique wellness products of teas and self care items as well as home wellness including smudging and energy balancing products are all developed here in the woods, harvested and created by hand. Each item is created with genuine intention and with the thought of giving you something to support your journey while honoring Mother Earth and ensuring ethical practices in all that we do.

From pine needle and cedar tea and many different products that contain our beautiful signature mountain grown lavender, we have your health in mind when we look to create each and every product. Our experiences such as culinary adventures through long table dinners and genuine and unique BnB opportunities out here in the woods are one of a kind and will be available starting in 2022. In the woods, in the mountains, it just doesn’t get any better than this!

We harvest what we grow and what we don’t, we source locally wherever possible and partner with the farmers around us. We love our land and it shows in everything we do.