Wildwood Experiences

Anchored in our own traditions and our ancestry, we have created some experiences that you simply must try! Learn with us and explore some new, yet old, ways of doing things.  Our blend of Indigenous and Irish heritage has given us the opportunity to see our land through a unique lens.  Our commitment to our land, our waters, our skies and Mother Earth herself is showcased in our sustainable farming practices and our way of being.  From our wildflower and lavender garden to our Health & Healing Garden of vegetables, medicinal plants and flowers to our demonstration orchard and small herd of goats, we are attempting a simpler way of life while partnering with our neighbouring farms to ensure a vibrant local farming community.  We look forward to meeting you someday soon!

Pollinator Garden Bumble Bee Watch site

Long Table Dinners

Creating Wellness Naturally

Forest Forage & Harvest

Have you always wanted to learn more about pollinators? Did you know that Bumble Bees are the worlds most important pollinator? Join us in our Pollinator Garden to view and even catalogue the bumbles you see. Our lavender is partnered with wildflowers to make the perfect haven for these beautiful creatures! Access and tours are available by appointment only.


Is wellness something you want to learn more about? Wellness is a big topic but here at Wildwood Acres Garden Farm, we start with the land and choose sustainable practices, we grow herbs and medicinal plants and flowers and then we create more levels of wellness by creating all natural products such as teas, salves, personal products, goat milk soaps and more.  Our “Health & Healing” garden produces food and wellness. All of our products are created with our planet and our fellow humans in mind.  From digestive issues to anti-aging, we create wellness naturally.

A long table dinner is an opportunity to gather, to share, to just be. Let us plan, set and cook for you and 11 of your people.  Our custom and handmade 12 person outdoor long table is rustic and beautiful and more than able to help you nestle right in and take in the mountain air, the gorgeous evening skies and enjoy our open pit cooking for your private group.  Menus are designed with your group and budget in mind.  Come over to Wildwood Acres Garden Farm and lets gather, enjoy each others company and rest a while.

Available by advance booking only.

Building recipes that use what we grow, we are always creating! From lavender lattes, to unwind tea blends to healing salves and lavender laundry sachets, we want to share our passion for what we grow and what is possible.  to herb blends to appease our foodie tendencies, its a passion that we are so grateful to get to live every day!

When was the last time you took a forest bath? 

Surrounded by the forest, we love to go for walkabouts and explore, identify the plants, listen to Mother Earth and just be.  We can go for a guided walk, introduce you to wildcrafting practices or introduce you to a gratitude ceremony in the forest.

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